Sedation Dentistry

Before Your Sedation Visit


  1. Do NOT eat 8 hours prior to appointment.
  2. You may drink clear liquids (i.e. water, apple juice) up to 2 hours prior to appointment.
  3. In the event you have consumed an excessive amount of liquids and need to use the restroom after the sedation has begun, you will be escorted to the restroom and monitored.
  4. If you have an overactive bladder please wear an adult absorbent garment for any appointment over one hour.
  5. Wear loose clothing, as you will want to be able to relax and/or sleep after apointment.  We will be using a blood pressure cuff and need you to wear something that will not interfere with it.
  6. Please refrain from wearing wrist jewelry and/or watches.
  7. Please leave all valuables at home, if possible.
  8. It is important to inform us of any and all medications you are taking, so that we may advise you as to what you may or may not take priort to your appointment.
  9. Blood pressure medication is to be taken as directed by your physician, unless told otherwise.
  10. Please make arrangements for someone to bring you to your appointment and pick you up (a taxi cab is not acceptable to our standard of care for a ride home).
  11. Please make arrangements for someone to stay with you for at least 3-4 hours after your appointment, preferably the remainder of the day.